Developed In Partnership With Graduates, Scientists and Doctors From:

Georgetown University And Turning Point Wellness Center, LLC.

A Second-Generation Probiotic For Whole Body Health

FloraThrive+ is a Clinical-Grade supplement for gut health. Designed by a Georgetown M.D., with trademarked digestive enzymes, and non-histamine-producing probiotics.

Clinically-Tested, Non-GMO Ingredients Support:

  • Healthy, Regular Digestion, without side effects
  • Glowing, Radiant Skin and Complexion
  • An Upbeat, Elevated Mood
  • Healthy response to allergens in the food and air
  • Weight Control without unhealthy compromises
  • Natural Energy And Sharp Thinking

…in just one small, incredibly potent capsule!

Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee
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  • Up To 65% Savings
Non-Histamine Producing
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Tested For Purity

The Probiotic Promise

Your small intestine contains about 24 trillion bacteria – some good, some bad. When the bad outweighs the good, your gut becomes a warzone of inflammation, and you suffer from gas, bloating and irregularity.

And if the gut can’t heal, this war spills over… first into your blood supply… then into your joints and your organs!

That’s why poor gut health can be a root cause of so many whole-body conditions: weight gain, sluggishness, fogginess, dull skin and even a foul mood.

Unfortunately, the standard American diet is like fertilizer for the bad bacteria living in your small intestine. And every time you take an antibiotic, it’s like dropping napalm in your gut. You lay waste to both the bad, and the good bacteria (and unfortunately, the bad bacteria grows back faster).

No wonder that probiotics have become the “miracle supplements” of our time. Flooding your small intestine with a daily dose of good bacteria is the surest way to help manage a healthy inflammatory response, and improve the health of your gut.

And the benefits are clear: better digestion, less gas and bloating, improved skin and complexion, more energy, sharper thinking, and an elevated mood.

There’s only problem…

Most First Generation Probiotics
Do More Harm, Than Good

Look at the probiotics in the supermarket… on Amazon… or even in your own home. Chances are you’ll find at least one of these four fatal flaws.

Fatal Flaw 1: Histamine-Producing

Nearly all First Generation probiotics include a strain of bacteria called L.acidopholus. Unfortunately, this strain (and several others) can lead to a histamine response in your gut and body. That can then trigger additional inflammatory responses… and make you feel tired, foggy, and moody. If you’ve ever eaten a meal and immediately after experienced congestion, fogginess, or even a headache shortly after - there is a good chance that a histamine reaction was to blame. Nearly every probiotic currently on the market can trigger the same response in the body.

Fatal Flaw 2: Dairy-Based

Many First Generation probiotics are created with dairy cultures. So for the millions of Americans who are lactose-intolerant and sensitive to dairy, they can create a small – but real – allergic response. Needless to say, that only makes the problems worse! If it doesn’t say that its dairy-free… watch out!

Fatal Flaw 3: Low Counts

Your small intestine is 24 feet long, and has trillions of bacteria in it… and all it takes is a little too much sugar, or a few too many French fries, for the bad ones to keep multiplying. So if you’re taking one of the many First Generation probiotics with fewer than 30 billion CFUs (colony forming units), you’re just not providing enough good bacteria.

Fatal Flaw 4: No Digestive Support

Many people think that probiotics help “break down food,” but that’s just not true. Your food is broken with acids from your stomach, bile from your gall bladder, and enzymes from your pancreas. First Generation probiotics offer zero support for this process, so undigested food particles can easily enter the small intestine. There, they can rot and ferment… cause inflammation, gas, bloating, and even dreaded “leaky gut.”

Georgetown M.D. Mark Sivieri has been on the leading edge of gut health since the 1990’s, literally decades before Probiotics became all the rage.

He utilizes the most advanced forms of testing for gut bacteria with his patients at his Medical Center; monitoring what actually improves their internal gut health, based on what is seen under the microscope.

Now, after over 15 years of real-world, clinical study, Dr. Sivieri has developed a new breakthrough in gut health.

The FloraThrive + Blend: The Probiotics You Need
To Feel Great, Without The Side Effects

Dr. Sivieri’s FloraThrive+ blend contains seven highly potent strains of good bacteria.

Unlike First Generation probiotics, the seven strains of bacteria in FloraThrive+ are dairy-free, and clinically proven to avoid a histamine response. That means:

  • No drowsiness or fatigue from FloraThrive+
  • No brain fog from FloraThrive+
  • No skin itchiness from FloraThrive+
  • No watery eyes from FloraThrive+

Instead, the 30 billion CFUs per capsule will joyfully flood your gut, overtaking the bad bacteria, and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. That means no more “war” in your gut… or in your joints… or in your brain.

And it means plenty of feel-good benefits for you: improved digestion, more energy, clearer skin, a better mood, and more.

It’s the probiotic promise, finally delivered. Then, to make sure that you’re getting complete gut support, Dr. Sivieri also included…

DigeSEB: The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Probiotics

DigeSEB: The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Probiotics

Gut health starts with digestion, and if your small intestine doesn’t have the enzymes it needs to digest food correctly, it doesn’t matter how much good bacteria there is. You’re still going to get gassy, bloated and inflamed.

That’s because undigested food can get stuck in your small intestines, where it starts to rot and ferment. This condition – also known as SIBO, or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth – has a whole range of awful effects.

  • Bad bacteria feast on the rotting food in your small intestine, and multiply like crazy
  • Noxious gasses build up, creating bloating, and terrible smelling emissions
  • Allergic reactions: from itches, to sneezing, to the production of excess mucus
  • Inflammatory response – the warzone in your gut – and whole-body consequences like fatigue, brain fog, dull skin and hair, joint pain, and unexplained weight gain.

That’s why FloraThrive+ includes DigeSEB™ - a high-potency blend of digestive enzymes that gives your stomach everything it needs, to digest whatever you throw at it. Proteins. Fats. Carbs. Even Dairy! DigeSEB breaks them all down, providing critical enzyme support where your stomach is weak.

Instead of having to treat the conditions of bad digestion with an antacid, DigeSEB addresses the root cause. That means a pure supply of nutrients for your small intestine, and no more gas, bloating or discomfort for you.

Here’s What This Advanced Gut
Support Blend Can Do For You

(According To The Research)

If you’re new to FloraThrive+, Dr. Sivieri suggests that you take one tiny pill with each meal, for the first two weeks. If you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, that means you’ll be deluging your small intestine with 90 Billion CFUs of good bacteria, every day! And you’ll be loading up with the digestive enzymes you so desperately need, to break down the foods you love most.

Then after two weeks, taper off to just one or two pills a day, with your first or second meal of the day. Here’s what you can expect.

Improved Digestion

Improved Digestion, Without Side Effects

If you grew up on the Standard American Diet and the occasional antibiotic, then there’s a good chance that your gut has been an inflammatory warzone for years or even decades. But between the potent blend of probiotics, and the powerful DigeSEB enzymes, FloraThrive+ can overwhelm the bad bacteria and fermented food, helping you experience a level of digestive comfort and regularity that you may never have known. Prepare to eat the foods you want, without gassiness or bloating. And prepare for comfortable bowel movements, as regular as clockwork.

Weight Management

Weight Management

A gut that can’t digest food correctly leads to a body that stores food incorrectly. That’s because it can’t extract and process the energy from food correctly. That’s why you need B. Breve, a recently-discovered strain of bacteria that’s unique to FloraThrive+. In one clinical test of mice, the group that received B. Breve showed “significantly lowered fat mass.” Not just that, but the B. Breve was shown to support healthy HDL cholesterol levels. Another test in human children showed that it can “restore the gut microbial balance.” This new “wunderkind” strain of probiotic is now the subject of numerous new tests, but you don’t have to wait to claim its weight-management benefits for yourself.

Sharper Thinking

Sharper Thinking

When there’s inflammation in your gut – from bad bacteria, or histamine-producing probiotics - your body mount an attack. And all too often, this attack spills out into the blood stream, and makes its way up to the brain. Here, the glial cells (the brain’s cleanup crew) go haywire, and rather than feeling pain, you feel brain fog. But with the Probiotics and Enzymes in FloraThrive+, digestion is greatly improved, bad bacteria are crowded out, and histamine response are a thing of the past. That means pure energy from your food, and clarity for your brain.

Improved Energy

Improved Energy

By providing the digestive support you need – in your small intestine and your stomach – FloraThrive+ helps your body extract each and every nutrient that’s locked away in the food you eat. This means more food converted into energy, and less food rotting in your gut. And by flooding your small intestine with good bacteria, your inflammatory response will change for the better. That means your body spends less energy “fighting the war,” so you’ll have more energy for work, friends, family, and physical activity.

A Great Mood And Less Stress

A Great Mood And Less Stress!

Let’s face it – no one is happy when they’re gassy, bloated, or suffering from irregularity. And not just because it’s annoying and painful! When the war in your gut spills out into your bloodstream and your brain, your mood becomes the “collateral damage”. But in both mouse and human studies, three of the strains in FloraThrive+ - L. plantarum, B. bifidum and B. Longum – were shown to improve “quality of life,” to “contribute to the improvement of cognitive functions” and that “stress was reduced.”

Improved Join Comfort

Improved Join Comfort

When big, undigested food particles enter a gut that’s swarming with bad bacteria, the outcome is often “leaky gut” – tears in your gut lining that allow big, undigested food particles out into the bloodstream! Often, they end up lodged in your joints, and that leads to a painful inflammatory attack! But with the 1-2 punch of Digestive Enzymes, and non-histamine-producing probiotics, you’ll be putting a stop to this painful cascade before it can even start.

Clearer, Brighter Skin

Clearer, Brighter Skin

If your stomach can’t digest food properly, and if your small intestine is swarming with bad bacteria, your body could be absorbing lots of toxins. And if those toxins can’t exit via digestion, they head straight to the next exit: the pores of your skin. That’s why Dr. Sivieri included L. salivarius, which showed a positive “dermatology life quality” in one clinical test. And it’s why you may experience the clearest skin of your life after you begin taking FloraThrive+.

A Strong Immune System

A Strong Immune System

No doubt you’ve heard that “all health begins in the gut.” So it should be no surprise that in one clinical test, athletes who took B. longum had “significantly higher (i.e. more desired) values in sports recovery.” Another test with B. bifidum showed that students who took had a “greater proportion of healthy days” during cold & flu season. Couldn’t your immune system use this kind of support?

Please understand: while the clinical and pre-clinical data in these studies is compelling, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. FloraThrive+ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

The Studies Couldn’t Be Clearer

Every single bacteria and enzyme in FloraThrive+ has been the subject of extensive clinical study, for both safety, and for efficacy. Here are just a few of the incredible results.

Effects of a Digestive Enzyme

Here, you’re looking at are the effects of the digestive enzyme from DigeSEB, on the release of three inflammatory proteins in the intestine. While the control group has excessive production of inflammatory proteins, the two groups that received the enzyme (in doses of 10, and 80, mg/kg) generated far fewer inflammatory proteins.

Stress AUCI

In this study1, the bacterial strain b. longum was provided to healthy volunteers. Notice the remarkable difference in their perceived levels of stress!

Total Errors

In this study1, b. longum is shown to have a noticeable effect on the ability of participants to complete a “Paired Associated Learning” task.

B. bifidum

This study2 shows the incredible power of b. bifidum to decrease discomfort, bloating, and urgency of bathroom visits.

Weight Loss Study

In this weight-loss study3, you can see how b.breve induced a change in waist circumference, with absolutely no other changes to diet or exercise!


This study4 showcased l.plantarum powers in reducing the frequency and severity of abdominal bloating.

FloraThrive+ Could Be The Most Advanced
“Whole Body” Probiotic Ever Created

With over fifteen years of Dr. Sivieri’s clinical experience…

30 billion CFUs of powerfully good bacteria…

7 non-dairy, non-histamine-producing strains…

And a potent blend of digestive enzymes…

FloraThrive+ finally fulfills the probiotic promise. You’ll feel the difference, in your gut, your body, and your mind.

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Supplement Facts

Praise For Dr. Sivieri, From His Own Patients

Five Stars “Thorough And Excellent Diagnostics”

"I was misdiagnosed by 2 other doctors before I saw Dr. Sivieri six years ago. I truly believe the fact that he asked several questions and learned as much as he could about my symptoms and lifestyle really made the difference. He saved my life. That's a fact."

Five Stars "Five Stars"

"I have never met a doctor more compassionate and knowledgable about illness and the human body. Not only is he extremely bright, he breaks the patients problems down into laymen's terms, drawing diagrams, explaining everything and ensuring the patient does not leave with any unanswered questions. He is excellent about returning phone calls personally, following up, and letting you know he is there for you. I visited numerous doctors for years before being diagnosed and Dr. Sivieri was able to diagnose me within 10 mins. I can say the same for many friends. Dr. Sivieri has renewed my hope and faith in medical doctors. He truly cares."

Five Stars "Better Than Any Physician I’ve Ever Been To"

"Very smart man. Going to see a doctor you put your life in someone else's hands with their knowledge and opinions. I trust this man with my life. He is a doctor but he also opened his eyes to new techniques. I'm not entirely sure how he doesn't but he seems to stay up on all the new medical practice is better than any physician I've ever been to. He takes the time to really get to know you like the old fashioned doctors use to. Yes it is hard to get an apointment with the man... But even if I had to wait 3 months to see him and hear his opinion it is well worth it. I have a primary care that I go to for general things like an ear infection or stitches. But if something is really wrong with you or you have a disease that nobody could figure out this is the man who you want to put your faith in."

Five Stars "Gave Me My Life Back"

"Dr. Mark Sivieri gave me my life back. After waiting 3 years, I was properly diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease with 2 co-infections, and received the right treatment and have been in remission for 2 years. Dr. S is a holistic physician and is extremely down to earth. I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor. He explains things in the simplest terms. My favorite things about him, other than his expertise, is that he is continually learning and shares that information and he spends a lot of time with his patients. The man has zero ego which is uncommon. He's also conscientious of healthcare costs and isn't "entrepreneurial" like the doc I saw before him."

Five Stars "He Works Outside The Box"

"Dr. Sivieri is probably the most inquisitive and intelligent MD I have had the pleasure of working with in year. He is not a textbook doc. He listens, hears, synthesizes and always comes up with some amazing recommendation for conditions that other just don't care about or understand. He work outside the box which is what makes him so spectacular. If you have a problem and have seen everyone, gone everywhere, then make an appointment with him. It will take 6 months but it is worth the wait."

While individual results will vary, each and every order of FloraThrive+ is protected by a lifetime guarantee, and shipped to your door for free – so you can try it quickly, and without risk.

Dr. Mark Sivieri: A Life Committed To Healing

About Dr. Mark Sivieri

Dr. Sivieri’s life has been dedicated to the pursuit of great health... starting with his own. A competitive runner in high school and college, Mark was nearly derailed by an inflammatory injury. But when a chance visit with an unconventional doctor turned his life around, Mark knew that his life would be devoted to medicine.

After graduating from the Georgetown School of Medicine, and completing his residency at the University of Arizona, Mark moved back east, and quickly established himself at his clinic outside of Washington D.C. Patients with conditions as serious as Lyme and fibromyalgia came to know him as “the doctor of last resort” – the one who was able to help them, when everyone else had failed.

Now, in partnership with Vitalifi, Mark has become “the doctor of first resort” for countless Americans who have discovered his medical-grade formulas, as well as his cutting-edge advice for health and longevity.

“FloraThrive+ is the digestive blend that I wish I’d had for the last decade. But it’s only now – after 15 years of seeing what’s helped thousands of patients – that I’ve been able to help create this breakthrough formula. I know you’re going to love it, because you’re going to feel it working, and you’re going to see its effects on your waistline, and in your complexion.”

Dr. Mark Sivieri Signature - Mark Sivieri, M.D.

Vitalifi: The Team Behind Dr. Sivieri, and FloraThrive+

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About Vitalifi

Vitalifi was created to bring the very best supplements in the world, directly to the doorsteps of the Americans who need them most. For far too long, clinical grade supplements have been reserved for those who have the time - and money – to find and pay for an Integrative Physician. And with their limited production runs, these supplements can cost an arm and a leg.

But with its partnership with Dr. Mark Sivieri, and over two decades of running Better Business Bureau A+ certified businesses, the Vitalifi team has done the impossible. We now present you the highest quality supplements in the world, at an affordable price, for all the best days that lie ahead of you.

Contact us at any time. Real humans answer our phones, excited to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FloraThrive+ Safe?

Every single ingredient in FloraThrive+ has been subject to numerous clinical trials, and has proven to be safe and effective. The formula is non-addictive, and non-habit-forming. As with all supplements, you should speak to your healthcare advisor about possible interactions.

What Time Of Day Should I Take FloraThrive+?

Dr. Sivieri recommends that you take it with your first meal, and possibly second, meals of the day. This way, the enzymes and probiotics will begin to take effect early, and deliver their benefits all day.

As FloraThrive+ does not contain any caffeine or stimulants, it is also safe to take in the afternoon or evening if that is your preference.

You are also encouraged to take FloraThrive+ before a heavy evening meal. If you’re sitting down to a big plate of food, full of proteins, fats, carbs and even dairy, your gut will thank you!

How many Capsules Should I Take?

The standard serving size is one capsule per meal. If you are new to FloraThrive, and especially if you are new to probiotics, you may take 2-3 capsules per day, one per meal. This initial phase of “flooding” the gut with enzymes and probiotics can be helpful if you’re suffering from years of Standard American Diet symptoms, and/or if you’ve been through more than four rounds of antibiotics in your life.

Do I Have To Sign Up For a Subscription?

Absolutely not! But if you love FloraThrive+, you should strongly consider it.

We’ve created a VIP program for customers who make FloraThrive+ a daily part of their lives. If you decide to join, you’ll get significant savings, and guaranteed shipments set aside for you.

Does FloraThrive+ Contain Any Allergens, GMOs or Animal Products?

Absolutely not! We are proud of the purity of our formula, and can guarantee that FloraThrive+ is free of allergens, dairy, soy, and gluten. The specific strains of bacteria were selected because, unlike many other probiotics, they do not produce a histamine response.

Ingredients are batch-tested and inspected before each manufacturing run begins, then inspected once again after they’ve been mixed and blended. So you can rest assured that the ingredients in FloraThrive+ are as pure as nature intended them to be.

Is FloraThrive+ Bottled Safely?

Yes! Each and every bottle of FloraThrive+ is run through a custom manufacturing line, which ends with a tamper-proof seal under the cap, and a plastic wrapper on the outside. This all takes place at a GMP-certified, FDA-inspected facility, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Can I Buy FloraThrive+ Anywhere Else?

At present, the only parties authorized to sell FloraThrive+ are Vitalifi (through our websites), and a select number of physicians who sell it at retail price.

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